Prequalified Design Consultants

The Dubai Health Authority prequalification for the mentioned Category, will be valid for a period of 3 years. During the period of validity, the HFDC’s are required to inform the Dubai Health Authority of any major changes to the information supplied to them on the prequalification forms including changes to directorship and departure of key specialist staff. HFDC’s may apply for the renewal of the prequalification for a further period of 3 years by the submission of a new prequalification application (refer to Part A - Appendix 3 of these Guidelines).

Prequalified Health Facility Design Consultants

Prequalified Design Consultants are divided into Category 1 and Category 2 as per the table below.

Category 1

Health Facility Design Consultant (HFDC) who has professional qualification in the respective Architectural or Engineering fields. HFDC’s in this category only be permitted to undertake the smallest and least complex Health Facilities at RDL 1 and RDL 2.

Company Name Contact No. Email
Arcal Engineering Consultants L.L.C 03-7553312
Shams Al Amara Engineering Consultants L.L.C 02-5551337

Category 2

Health Facility Design Consultant (HFDC) who are qualified for Category 1 with additional practical experience in Hospitals and Surgical Facilities. Category 2 Consultants will be permitted to undertake the more complex Health Facilities at all six RDL’s.

Company Name Contact No. Email
Adnan Saffarini’s Office 04-2222002
AECOM Middle East Limited 02-6134000 / 04-4391000
Al Bahri Engineering Consultancy & Interior Design L.L.C 02-6413454 / 03-7646343
Al Suweidi Engineering Consultant Bureau L.L.C 02-6444000
Altorath International Engineering Consultants L.L.C 02-4041400
Amar Golden Design L.L.C 02-6442272
Consolidated Consultants Engineering & Environment - Abu Dhabi 02-6442955
Dar Al- Handasah Consultant (Shair and Partners) 04-3060000 / 02-5013999
Dar SSH International Engineering Consultants Company L.L.C 02-6440881
HDP (Overseas) Limited 02-6420033
HDR Middle East L.L.C 04-3756727
TAHPI (Dubai) / Health Projects International Pty. Limited – Abu Dhabi 04-4281348
IDS Group Inc 02-6509881
Leo A Daly 02-6344604
Mark Habre and Associates Architectural and Engineering Consultants 02-6744524
S T H 02-6417627
Urbanism Planning Architecture 02-6337975
HOSMAC 04-4298345
Dar Al Omran Engineering Consultants 04-2999980
Stantec 04-5062222
WS Atkins & Partners 02-6149100
Obermeyer Middle East 02-4499582
Engineering Consultants Group (ECG) 04- 3434229
Citadel Health Management / Architectural Design Consultancy 04-2950886

Note 1- Category 2 Health Facility Design Consultants are eligible to undertake Category 1 Health Facilities.
Note 2 - HFDC with Abu Dhabi License needs to hold an Active License with Dubai Municipality or collaborate with AOR holding Active License in Dubai.